ZVOX SoundBase 670
ZVOX SoundBase 670

ZVOX SoundBase 670 review

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ZVOX SoundBase 670 review Over time, speakers have not changed considerably unlike computers. We’ve moved to digital inputs from analog, individual, and I suppose we’ve discovered how to reproduce 3d-sound. But take the software away, as they did a decade ago, and speakers generally seem the same.

Case-in-point: the humongous Zvox SoundBase 670 that arrived late last year to the beat of $499 (about £320/AU$630). (Sorry, viewers abroad: you might have to transfer that one.) The very first, nearly equivalent-looking sound base – Zvox’s phrase for a soundbar that rests immediately beneath your Television and acts as being an imitation-stand – came out in 2003.

So what is the enduring? Why aren’t 5.1, if the rest is shrinking surround sound speakers the size of iPod Nanos? In short: science. To produce sufficient, but nonetheless well detailed, audio sparing you the tedious details of electronics 101, speakers desire a significant amount of surface area.

It’s with that understanding in your mind that people switch for the greatest challenge to ever problem audio fans: Where does one fit a big, powerful speaker without it overtaking your whole living room? One reply, by Zvox, is underneath your TV.


The Zvox SoundBase 670 would probably take the heavyweight division, if soundbars were divided into eight courses.

In 36 x 16.5 x 3.5 lengths or 91 x 42 x 9 cm (WATTS XD x H) and approximately 30 lbs, it will dwarf everything else in your marketing shelf. It truly is built in this manner purposely; the SoundBase is actually a footstool on your Television and could help TVs of up to 70 inches.

As the 670is low-profile, matte – layout that is dark is not necessarily a revelation for your firm, it appears safe below and acts its function that is specified.

On the front, you will discover a speaker grille that safeguards five high-performance speakers, plus features four keys (power, volume down, volume up, insight) and a 3.5mm jack. Behind the grille on the right side is just a four- digit LED screen that may present route, mistake and status messages.

Change the SoundBase over, and you may uncover three people based behind a grille that become subwoofers to bring meaty-sounding bass for the audio report of the 670.

Lastly, out port that may handle incoming and outgoing audio, you will find two optical- a coaxial audio, two sets of analog and one sub- on the back.

Not described, but still equally significant, could be the built-in Wireless stereo, but I Will return to that in a minute.

ZVOX SoundBase 670

Audio quality

Before delving into the system’s effectiveness, it is worth mentioning how incredibly easy it was to set up the system.

From container to a ledge, having the SoundBase ready needed less than 5 minutes. I had been playing Tidal using an additional cable via my PC before 10 minutes had handed. Try doing that using a 5.1 system.

It had been time for you to review TV discussion to video game sound effects and film results to music styles once I had everything linked. What I noticed is the fact that while the 670 performs rather admirably while in the TV and video realm, it didn’t do too with music and activities.

To the bass that was growling, details in noise were shed on its default setting while mids and highs came out, but did not shine through. And, due to the Always On surround sound, dialog details were shed one of the sound effects into games like Mass Effect 3 either Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Fortunately, transforming the balance can be a cinch. Whenever you choose to make use of it, bass and treble settings is found around the remote – as-is an output-leveling key that creates an even more balanced sound.

And, while it has its issues, the PhaseCue II electronic surround sound that uses an application to make a broader soundstage isn’t usually a thorn in your area. Some movies indeed appeared better together with the effect cranked to its best location.

Other noteworthy characteristics include Accuvoice, which changes Debate Stress (DE) being a mid-route booster found on the SoundBase 580, and that built-in Wireless.

I discovered the previous absolutely necessary in the latter and movies and games, while finicky at first, is firm after having a strong handshake along with your product.

ZVOX SoundBase 670

Final award

Despite a few audio faux pas, the Zvox SoundBase 670 strikes the majority of the right notes. It’s attractive, large flat-black cupboard can be a small obtuse for family area minimalists. But those prepared to sacrifice the room is going to be compensated with exceptional sound due to their favorite videos and Television shows.

But, while the speaker does justice to shows like Recreation of Thrones, I used to be disappointed by the failure to create the bright highs of the 670 and rumbly lows necessary for a perfect audio-listening experience. And undoubtedly that dialogue in becomes was usually drowned out by Zvox’s surround sound technique.

While the convenience in setup and performance in the midrange produce there today, the SoundBase 670 one of the best TV vital out, those looking for a more flexible, all-encompassing audio are best supported skipping over this track.



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