The Best Free Screen Recorder 2017

The Best Free Screen Recorder 2017

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Fancy showing others how to play with big name games on YouTube? Would you prefer to produce demos to display your programs, or to teach others how to work with particular applications?

The easiest screen recorders only capture what is in your screen and save it in AVI format, however the more complex free tools also provide editing, picture-in-picture, live streaming, and even gameplay optimisation.

But you need to be cautious — several free recorders will include unsightly watermarks to your clips or allow you to record not a lot of videos before demanding payment, therefore it is crucial to choose the ideal applications at first to steer clear of unsatisfactory outcomes.

Here is our selection of the finest free screen recorders which will enable you to record or flow professional-quality video from the webcam or desktop.


OBS Studio Screen Recorder

1. OBS Studio

The Top free screen recorder for Streaming or Capturing gameplay — Packaged with features That Will Help You Attain the Highest Quality Records

Free screen recorder OBS Studio supports both streaming and recording at high definition, without any constraints on the amount or length of the creations. It is possible to stream live to Twitch or even YouTubs gaming, then save jobs and return to them afterwards, or encode your footage from FLV format and store it locally.

Since OBS Studio can record straight in the graphics card, it is in a position to catch games running at full-screen manner (several other display recorders can only record whether the game is windowed), together with customizable hotkeys to dominate the recording.

It may require a while to set this up just how you would like, but OBS Studio is definitely the very best and most effective screen recorder for players.

FlashBack Express Screen Recorder

2. FlashBack Express

Another feature-packed free screen recorder that Is Perfect for recording games and other Applications, or capturing footage in the webcam

OBS is our best pick for recording in a desktop computer or webcam, but Flashback Express has a very close second. Despite being a completely free variant of a paid app, FlashBack Express will not place ugly watermarks on your own records or impose time constraints, and it is packed with tools and features which rival many premium apps. Its port is not as intimidating than OBS Studio, so in the event that you’ve never used a video recorder previously, it is a superb option.

You can file from your entire screen, a window, a selected place, or even a webcam. When you’ve completed, your record will look in a very simple editor, where you can harvest and trim it to meet your requirements, then export it into YouTube, an FTP server, or even your own PC.

That is all pretty standard fare for a completely free screen recorder, but have a moment to plunge into Flashback’s innovative options and you will get a wealth of thoughtfully designed settings which may make your desktop records appear truly professional. The recorder may automatically obscure passwords entered on display, change out your absurd wallpaper using a plain one, hide cluttered desktop icons, and emphasize your mouse pointer to make it a lot easier to follow. There is also a dedicated gaming mode which allows you define the amount of frames recorded every second.

There is no limitation on the period of your records if you don’t opt to put one, which may be helpful if there is an opportunity you may accidentally leave the recorder running. You may also decide to split long records up into balls — an excellent touch that can help you avoid creating enormous, unwieldy documents.

You will want to update to a few of the premium variants of Flashback to conserve in a format besides WMV, but that’s the only significant restriction of the brilliant free screen recorder.

Ezvid Screen Recorder

3. Ezvid

Display capture made Easy with one-click recording, but Just for YouTubers

The interface is very clear — only pick an input and Ezvid will provide you a three-second countdown until it begins recording. The footage will be added into your timeline comparable of Windows Movie Maker which lets you cut and splice clips with each other, and supplement them with images and text.

There are a few fun extras, too — Ezvid can capture sound from the microphone, then implement distortion effects. There is also a text-to-speech function, and a choice of songs to liven up hushed demonstrations and slideshows.

The program will include a brief dash at the onset of your record by default, but it is possible to tap and delete this through the job window.

The only significant drawback of Ezvid — plus it is a significant one — is that the absence of the export function. This is a result of the included songsthat is only licensed to be used on YouTube. It is a pity, since EzVid is an otherwise excellent screen recorder.

TinyTake Screen Recorder

TinyTake’s free screen recorder is intended to capture desktop and webcam footage — not in-game activity.

Your records will not be watermarked, but you are limited to five minutes of footage at one time. That may not seem like a lot compared with a number of the completely free display recorders here, but it is a lot for a typical YouTube video tutorial.

As soon as you’re finished, you can preview your video and then export it into a hard disk, to YouTube, or even to TinyTake’s own cloud storage assistance, which provides you 2GB to your own clips.

Other resources, such as annotations, are exclusive to the superior variants of TinyTake, which are made for commercial use.

TinyTake is a slim, compact display recorder, but the absence of editing applications is a pity, and sets it under EzVid in our position.

Xsplit Broadcaster Express Screen Recorder

Xsplit’s recording and streaming program comes in 2 flavors: Broadcaster and Gamecaster. They are quite similar, but the latter is made mainly for players, while the latter is somewhat general-purpose screen recorder.

Xsplit Broadcaster is a completely free screen recorder using three tiers: free, private (for eager streamers), and superior (for commercial use). The free version of places that a watermark over records over 60fps, or in the resolutions greater than 720p. That is a significant drawback in contrast to OBS Studio, however Xsplit’s easy interface may make that compromise rewarding if you are only planning to print to YouTube at regular definition.

The completely free screen recorder may capture input from any source, like your display, a video card, camcorder, networking file, or a particular program.

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