Samsung Galaxy S7 Active review
Samsung Galaxy S7 Active review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active review

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“What Is the very best almost waterproof, shatterproof and dustproof telephone you can purchase? Requesting a buddy.” We notice this issue the time all, and it is currently more straightforward to reply using the start of the Samsung-Galaxy S7 Active.

The S7 Active is just a robust Android telephone that requires everything we liked concerning the Samsung-Galaxy S7 and wraps it right into a significantly harder, water resistant package that is more complicated and more straightforward to hold to interrupt, the same as the Samsung-Galaxy S6 Active of last years.

Yes, there is an additional weight for this AT&T- telephone that is unique, and you will not discover the bezel- curved display of the Universe S7 Advantage to wonder at. But that improved width is used by Samsung to its benefit in different ways.

The S7 Active battery life is a lot much better than that which you’ll discover within most of the greatest devices nowadays along with being strengthened in most means possible. It is at4,000mAh, well in front of the standard 3,000mAh that people frequently check.

You might have found out about Universe S7 Active water damage studies. Leaks occurred enough that Samsung replied, stating that it fixed the downside for brand new telephones being created thus forth, although we did not encounter this issue within our screening.

Shared by everyone and more apparent is another great criticism: the truth that it is secured to T & AT, saturated in provider- application limitations and certain bloatware. This telephone is to get an entirely particular people kind of individual (great) on the quite particular community (poor).

Price and release date

Accessibility and the Samsung-Galaxy S7 Active cost are our greatest grievances; it is extremely minimal and expensive.

It is secured to T & AT, and not just that, it’s chock-full of provider- application limitations and certain bloatware. No model is unlocked whatsoever.

Which means you won’t think it is outside the people and if you are in a with Run Verizon or T-Mobile, you’re likely to have to be able to make use of this typically attractive telephone to change systems.

You are likely to give a great deal even when you are currently registered with AT&T. The Samsung-Galaxy S7 Active price is almost $800 at top dollar. Your “friend’s” awkward habits certain are expensive.


There is no requirement for one to purchase a Universe S7 Active situation since Samsung stuffed with comforting hard-plastic efficiently fits up its flagship Android phone in a dark shield and rubber corner bumpers.

Removed may be the carefully crafted glass-and-steel style of the Universe S7. It offers a method to weatherproof housing that is MIL STD-810G army licensed against a few of the toughest elements.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active review

It is designed to manage just about anything you toss at it: transportation sodium, dirt, moisture, rainfall, shake, solar light and shock. It put within the mud in the seaside without thinking.

The S7 Active does not declare to become and isn’t formally a waterproof telephone. However, it is the nearest you will get to 1. It’s an IP68 status. Therefore it could be immersed as much as 1.5 yards (about 5 feet) for half an hour.

It did not surpass that guarantee in the beginning, based on new testers who dunked it. Several reported audio and display problems, but Samsung has fixed the problem and mine happen to be watertight.

The telephone needs to be heavy to make the journey to this time. We stated that last year’s S6 Active was constructed just like a container, or at least a sturdy plastic Humvee, and in 2016, the S7 Active may be the kind of tank that stores in the large and high shop (purchasing tank covers, naturally).

As the S6 Active was a hefty 8.6mm its massive proportions are 148.8 x. It also weighs significantly more than different telephones we have examined at 185g (last year’s considered in at 170g). It is Android heavyweight champion within the 5.1-inch screen course.

New-to-the S7 Active of this season is just a house switch about the entrance that also acts as a fingerprint sensor. It is correct and quick, as its fragile S7 alternatives. It is yet another manner in.

Returning are texturized and bodily back and current switches that flank the brand new fingerprint reader. They are a bit more spaced-out now (before all three were bunched up close to the middle).

We like their sense that is rough and planned clickiness set alongside easy-to and the concealed -incorrectly- struck switches that are S7 trigger type visitors going for a picture people to inadvertently leave towards the house display and usually that occasionally generate us insane. That isn’t a problem here.

Despite its dimension that is substantial, the Samsung-Galaxy S7 Active attempts to merge in individual variations with Samsung’s 2016 selection, at least. It comes Titanium Grey, Green Camouflage, and Exotic Platinum.

Nobody will mistake this for that more stylish searching Samsung-Galaxy S7, but gray color shades and its Platinum performs a greater work at remaining delicate set alongside the GI Joes.


The Samsung-Galaxy S7 currently has among the greatest shows on the smartphone (S7 Advantage and linked using the S7. The bigger Notice 7 screen is somewhat higher). Producing it break-resilient using the S7 Active only means it will be at one’s AT&T contract’s finish.

It may endure drops as high as five feet (which nicely fits its water submersion level), and that is excellent information for the trade in price whenever you visit to update your phone-in annually or two.

We could understand the 5.1-inch touchscreen while outside (where this telephone goes) because of the high-brightness Samsung the capacity to accomplish on its Tremendous AMOLED displays.

Its pixel-soaked Quad-HD quality pumps the 5.1-inch display with increased pixels than we need in a telephone particularly one which cannot squeeze into the Samsung Equipment VR, of the dimension.

Nevertheless, we cannot refuse that reliving our everyday 12MP pictures obtained with this show and viewing movies beats all others we have examined – using S7 Edge’s exclusion and Notice 7, apparently.

The Samsung-Galaxy S7 Active takes Another signal from its brethren that are more delicate: it’s an Always On a show that shows the day time and battery life proportion in a low powered dark-and- a style that is white.

“But I donot prefer to understand what period it’s,” stated nobody actually (beyond a clockless casino). When I change from telephones with Always On displays, such as LG G5 or the S7, we immediately this useful function, and we are happy it is about the S7 Active.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active review

Specifications and Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Everything Universe S7 may do, S7 Active may do harder. This is the fundamental thinking behind this fumble- a smartphone that is constructed utilizing all the same specs and software.

It’s a fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, that will be used by nearly every Android flagship in 2016 by having an embedded Adreno 530 design chip and 4GB of Memory, in America.

There is once more 32GB, only a single inner storage dimension, but unlike last year’s Active telephone, that one has a card slot. It is saved within the nanoSIM holder.

We could increase the storage dimension having a 200GB card, but producing that adoptive storage with is not simple to do and not a part automagically of the Samsung equipment.

Which means the card is mainly intended for audio and pictures, not offloading activities and applications. Adoptive storage ostensibly melds memory and the interior storage together.
Software, stability, compatibility

This telephone comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, nevertheless, with Samsung’s TouchWiz software overlaid on Google’s OS. That it is straightforward and clear to use.

The OS of Samsung adjustments since it was teeming that nobody required about the S5 on backward obtain a negative reputation right now. But that is transformed, trust us.

You will find functions here you won’t access it inventory Android Marshmallow, including split screen apps. Splitscreen is a newcomer to Android Nougat, but the brand new OS update is just currently moving out to a couple of products.

Samsung does incorporate a quantity of its applications, like Samsung Pay and the admirably detailed “Web,” which cannot maintain a candle towards the hidden-absent Google-Chrome application.

It also privately causes pre-mounted Universe Applications you, like Facebook, in the place of utilizing variations saved in the Google Play Shop. That does not bother us a lot of.

It is ads and the AT applications that enter my satisfaction of the phone’s method. It is saturated in pointless routes requests and DirecTV notice tone ads that nobody uses.

Stopping widgets and these apps are just a discomfort, but we are indeed passing up on what we cannot allow or eliminate: HD movie calls to people on additional companies utilizing the switch inside the dialer application.

They have to be in a single community, also even when your buddy includes a Samsung telephone, in America. And you will find just four new small- S7 7-associated telephones which are about the AT&THD Calling listing… And one LG that is an old product.

Equally Google and Samsung indeed affects their work to defend me against Apple is much more easy FaceTime setup. Ideally, future Allo message application and Google is new Mixture movie application will take off to correctly link people. However, itis a disgrace as you can quickly change to video from speech calls to texts due to provider greed.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active review

Videos, audio, gaming

The lovely OLED screen of Samsung makes activities and films appear remarkable, even when the screen size is just an inch.

Going into pre- packed apps – like Samsung’s standard video player and the more sophisticated Google Play Television & Videos – showed off a large contrast ratio and high brightness ranges. Better still information: insights outdoors are in the absolute minimum with this outside-friendly telephone.

It meets everything outside the newer Samsung-Galaxy Note 7. Where The S7 Active could use some function is at its clear audio. It fires sound out of the underside shape. Obtain a set of headphones (much better than those within the container) to get a great sound using this system.


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