How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy S6

How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy S6

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It’s no secret that Samsung had to do something with this telephone, to unleash some thing to halt the rot that the Galaxy S4 started two years earlier.

Yes , there are still some elements that stop it from becoming the perfect phone (this is Samsung after all, a brand that likes to cram as much into the telephone as it could get away with) but to leap into this point from the plastic-clad nonsense of the Galaxy S5 is a really, very impressive accomplishment.

Samsung did not take this task lightly, beginning almost entirely from scratch and replacement key members of its own design team to be certain that it created a standout phone.

Perhaps the S6 is a bit too much like the remainder of the contest (it looks stunningly like an iPhone at the bottom) but at least there’s the Galaxy S6 Edge for those that want a very unique-looking device.

How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy S6

The issues are price and battery life: the prior originally wincingly high.

– Published in April 2015
– Launched in $850 (about #640, AU$1113)
– Currently prices $400, #370

It’s dropped a fair bit today though, what with the introduction of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8, and also the 32GB version can now be had for around #370 ($400, AU$899), the 64GB for #539 ($700, around AU$999) while the massive 128GB version for #599 ($800, around AU$1,149) – although the latter two aren’t easy to find.

The iPhone 6S has a different pricing structure, in the 32GB alternative is 499 ($549, AU$929) and the 128GB version is 599 ($649, AU$1,079), which makes it more expensive at the bottom price, but the exact same or less to get a 128GB model.

Why the comparison? The chief reason is that Samsung was starting to charge a higher premium than the iPhone, where the undercut has been one of its primary selling points in the Apple vs Samsung debate consumers go through.

As you can see previously, the price of the S6 has dropped considerably, particularly in the event that you shop around, providing back it that edge.

Even though it will still set you back at least as much as the 6, it is cheaper than the Galaxy S7 and much less than the Samsung Galaxy S8.

How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy S6

And there is a smaller battery on board than a year ago, which makes me worry when the display resolution has been bumped up to provide the sharpest display on the marketplace to us.

But Samsung’s been at this smartphone game for a while today, so do it justify that high price tag by cramming in plenty of amazing technology… and make the battery longer than a day?

Samsung Galaxy S6 design

Samsung’s gone bold on the plan of the Galaxy S6, taking the customary plastic covering that festooned preceding models and stepping into the area of metal because of its flagships.

It is dallied with a more superior design since the Galaxy Alpha was brought out in the middle of this past year. However, with a price and lower spec, that version didn’t actually catch on, despite feeling really premium in the hand.

Samsung’s gone one step further, adding an all-metal band to some solid glass case and, really, making a phone which couldn’t be further from the Galaxy S5.

That’s not to say the brand has not kept a number of the design heritage in there – after all, Samsung is still a business that’s big on tradition. The front of the telephone harks back to the Galaxy S4 days, with a round and bland fascia combined with the lozenge home button.

How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy S6

The biggest pity is that I did not get to completely review one of the variants rather than ‘White Pearl’ you can see above.

The other colours have a sheen, reflecting the light at a lavish way. The white is somewhat boring, and looks like older devices .

The reason behind sending reviewers that the version first is fairly clear that thing is a fingerprint magnet. I know I’ve said that about other devices, but it has never been truer than on the Galaxy S6.

The back of the phone will become marked and smudged within seconds of handling it, so enjoy a silver automobile the white chassis on the S6 serves to hide those blemishes.

In the hand the Galaxy S6 is a really nice device to hold, together with the 5.1-inch display taking up the majority of the front. It is compact yet tasteful.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t feel like the most expensive in the marketplace – whatever motive Samsung is providing for charging this high superior, it is not coming in the design – but it does feel as a device which can be mentioned in exactly the same breath as the HTC One M9 and iPhone 6S in terms of build quality.

How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy S6

The metal band around the negative is divided by strips of plastic to allow the antenna and radios to make their connections – and well, it’s a really similar layout to that used on the iPhone 6S, if it seems familiar.

These strips are needed as metal is at letting phone signal pass very inefficient, and Samsung is in including them. But with the glass front and back I was amazed to see them make an appearance.

Combined with the fact the bottom of the phone, where the speaker and headphone jack live, looks nearly identical to what Apple is doing, this seems to be a risky lineup Samsung is currently treading.

The layout of the phone is well made though. The volume buttons on the left-hand side and the power button on the right are perfectly positioned, and also the home button has been massively upgraded to deliver an extremely strong click.

How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy S6

That may not sound important, so I’m very happy to see Samsung step up but it has not been the case with Galaxy phones.

The back of the telephone yields among the aesthetically pleasing elements though, with all the camera protruding very significantly from the rear of the Galaxy S6.

The reason is evident: to allow for a higher power apparatus and you’re going to see in the camera section this was very, very much worthwhile.

But again, I am left wondering what Samsung is currently doing here. From the desperation for a phone that was horizontal, the battery capacity is reduced and also the camera left sticking out, exposing it to possible scratching.

Why not round the rear, make it sit more nicely in the hand and improve the space to get a battery? HTC does it effect on the 1 series, but it appears other brands are obsessed with a flat phone. The S6 does not even break using a wobble when tapping it, on the desk.

But do not let the above make you believe this is anything apart from a mobile design.

Samsung Galaxy S6 display

Samsung has always had vibrant screen technology, and once more, that is true about the Samsung Galaxy S6. The Super AMOLED display offers clear, crisp whites against blacks that are pure, meaning dark scenes are shown off perfectly.

Regardless of the wider display it looked great, and whenever the aforementioned Note 4 arrived along with the resolution, the bar was set.

How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy S6

Thus an exquisite display should be yielded by combining the pixel count of the 4? Sadly, no. That’s not to mention the display on the Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn’t look fantastic – it really does – but I’m not sure the QHD resolution adds that much into the mixture it commands.

Watching some video does look nicer, and held side the display is sharper than a standard Full HD screen.

But we’ve gone far past the point of needing some more sharpness in our telephones, and even 720p resolutions don’t look awful (a point well made by Matthew Hanson in his part on the myths of display resolution) so I am wondering why Samsung bothered here.

The Super AMOLED technologies can make screens appear incredible, and has been for several years. However, in 5.1-inch, this sounds more gimmick than anything else since Samsung looks for anything it could throw into a brand new flagship to catch headlines.

How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy S6

(Ironically, the improved resolution is needed for the Gear VR headset, in which the phone is the screen and so more pixels are better. But that’s not going to be a real-world use for this particular cellphone for many).

It does have the real benefits of Super AMOLED, as I’ve mentioned, with visibility strong.

There’s nothing that does not look amazing – but it does come at the cost of battery lifetime and, well, actual cost, and I am not convinced it adds sufficient to justify those sacrifices.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Prices :

Amazon Marketplace
Start From $254.31 – $469.99

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