Google Nexus 6 review
Google Nexus 6 review

Google Nexus 6 review

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Nexus 6 is Google’s telephone that’s a year-and-a-half old that was strong but has since been changed for the better yet Nexus 6P. This evaluation has been updated regarding the design decisions of Motorola.

Google Nexus 6 can be a supersized edition of the Moto X 2014 that has been granted a two-handed booster shot and, correctly, received a post-surgery Lollipop. The outcomes? It had been briefly part of our greatest telephones list in 2014 and into 2015.

This phablet-sized smartphone was the first ever to manage Android 5.0 Lollipop, and there’s no better method to encounter the changes Google has made to its Android N operating system beta, too all.

It parades the decorative Substance Layout screen over a large 6inch screen, moves seamlessly between apps due to 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon processor, and lasts one day with a strong, Qi-chargeable 3220 mAh battery.

These Nexus 6 requirements are enough to advantage-to-edge out Apple is great iPhone 6 Plus, and it seems simpler to hold within my palm, and typing is easier due to Androids generally-exceptional keyboards options.

Google Today, nevertheless one swipe towards the left, is more personal than ever, which shows this phone is ready to proceed the additional.5 ins to please without BendGating over backward.

The Nexus 6 isn’t for everybody, particularly one-passed texters who feel the 5.2- the control, or anyone who can’t live without the occurrence is pushed by inch Moto X 2014 -feeling Moto Active Exhibit. Possibly Motorola has accepted it solely made the phone so big since that is what Google needed.

It is also not as flashy since the newly introduced Samsung-Galaxy S7 Edge, as advanced experience because of the all-metal HTC One M9, or inspiring since the new Samsung-Galaxy Note 5.

But Google has also now launched Nexus 6P which can be worth looking into before you head right to purchase a Nexus 6 and the Nexus 5X.

Google Nexus 6 review

Availability and price

Google Nexus 6 can install Android N, and was available worldwide on every important company following its original November 2014 release date in the USA. It may still be sought online, although the phone is no longer bought within the Google Shop.

At first, the phone was limited to T & AT, T-Mobile and Run, but Verizon started selling the Android mobile with VoLTE empowered on March 12, 2015. In the United Kingdom, O2 and Vodafone were first to start it.

In the UK, the cost decrease continues to be even more significant, using the 32GB variation now going for £369 from the Google Play Retailer, with the 64GB edition dropping to £419.

At first, it had been $649, £499 revealed (AU$869), and significantly pricier than previous Nexus telephones. Which was just for the 32GB model. Google was selling £549 in the UK the 64GB type for $699 in the US and AU$929 in Australia.

On- agreement, it has charged $149 in the $249 upfront in America, along through AT&T, and in Britain plans started with a phone upfront that is free at only £32.50 monthly.

Google Nexus 6 review

Google Project Fi

Nexus 6 was the first cell phone to support the internet search engine giant’s new Google Task Fi mobile network.

The previously receive-only method bounces between third- and fourth position US providers T’s impulses and Sprint with increased flexibility and far cheaper plans for information application.

Project Fi could shake up traditional people vendors and, hey’s valuable support, Android improvements would not be much of the problem as it’s a circle controlled by Google.

While Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P now support Task Fi with better still specifications, you could find the Google Nexus 6 could be the cheapest means to access their active mobile system.

Google Nexus 6 review


It takes two hands to function the Nexus 6 properly, but this Android telephone seems within my significantly ambidextrous comprehension for its size.

Motorola’s style, borrowed from your Moto X, presents a durable BendGate to it – metal framework and palm -attractive gently bent back.

It’s steep, so while the curved sides run as thin as 0.15 in. (3.8mm), the heavier hump is 0.39 in. (10.1mm). The level and size certainly are a regular 6.27 in. (159.3mm) x 3.15 in. (83.0mm).

Nexus 6 presses a benefit-to-edge present without physical buttons, therefore the – in comparison – “smaller” 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus isn’t too much off: 6.22 in. (158.1mm) x 3.06 in. (77.8mm).

(184g), it weighs a lot more than the brand new iPhone or Samsung-Galaxy Note 4. But there’s a good chance when you can match the largest smartphone of Apple within your slim jeans; you’re also planning to have the ability to squeeze this oversized Android into a pocket too. You do not always be able to have it out simply, particularly when operating or sitting down.

The band seems natural against my arms, and the back, while manufactured from plastic that is hard, is at least sleek. It does not attempt to hide the content with fake leather stitching or plastic that is rough.

Google Nexus 6 review

Nexus 6’s shell is different from your rubberized Nexus 5, but it came across to me easier to grip than its “premium,” but significantly-too-slippery opponents that attribute an all-steel design from top to bottom. With all the aluminum IPhone-6, I felt like I required a modern-style-whipping scenario never to drop it.

It is a typical Motorola product almost all of the way through, all the way down to the dimpled brand about the back where when automatically relaxed over a call. However, it skips from the Moto Manufacturer customizations like timber finishes and far-also-supple leatherbacks.

Nexus 6 colors are restricted to two: either Midnight Blue or Cloud Bright together with both being appropriate for Qi instant chargers, a feature all those tricked out Moto X phones’ benefit do not support.

It’s also lacking the Moto Active Display performance. Waving my palm above the three IR sensors of the Moto X triggered a mostly unlit display with notice designs and merely the present moment. Pressing down on these icons unveiled more info like email teasers.

Active Show is nowhere can be found below, although it was an excellent a battery- idea that produced notifications extremely glanceable. Alternatively, there is the less trusted Surrounding Show mode providing you with a greyed-out lock screen whenever you carry the device up instantly. This doesn’t always work.

The vessel in regards to a fingerprint protection is missed by Nexus 6. Obviously, the iPhone-creator is inadvertently accountable for killing Motorola’s biometric style plans since it bought provider AuthenTec.

You will not look for a LED lighting indicator that is working here either. It is disabled, although lately, a builder found that the telephone does emit one of these announcements pulses. By converting it on, a seated telephone is required.

Google Nexus 6 review

Likewise absent, or at least unpredictable will be the Nexus 9 product’s knock-to-wake feature. It is proven to work sometimes and spins on that greyed-out display, but other moments I get no answer in any respect. “Hello, is everyone household?,” I keep asking. That has not arrived in the weeks because of the initial release although why not a firmware update can resolve this as time goes on.

Nexus 6 does, thankfully, inherit the ridge of the Moto X -filled power option. This served me identify between the right aspect based volume and energy switches in the dark. More telephone companies must grab this style strategy. I will not tell.

Manufacturers that are Phablet also need to observe these top- facing speakers. The music audio is nearly as useful as BoomSound technology present in the HTC One M9 since it points the sound while in the right direction. I am tired of backward- facing speaker grills.

Towards the top of the Nexus 6, at its framework’s thickest place, is a 3.5mm headset jack along with the nanoSIM card slot. However, there isn’t any MicroSD position to discuss it, which means you are locked into 64GB or 32GB configurations.

It is also not waterproof like other IP67- licensed Androids. It’s basically “waterproof” and has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protecting the 6inch AMOLED display that I’ll peer at next.


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