Galaxy S7 Battery Drain Fast : how to fix them

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The Samsung-Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are outstanding telephones that have topped our set of phones that are greatest and most significant smartphones in America since their release. We appreciate the crooks to due to their attractive monitors, excellent build quality, and amazing cameras.

However, no cellphone that’s no distinct together with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and is ideal. Difficulties that are typical range between minor quirks to catastrophic equipment problems. As much Galaxy S7 and S7 Border entrepreneurs have reported the same problems repeatedly if you have experienced these You’re not by yourself.

Within this information, we’ll review the most common Samsung Galaxy S7 issues and that which you may do to repair them.

Galaxy S7 Battery Drain

Some customers still complain about limited battery life while S7 Advantage and the Universe S7 have bigger batteries than their predecessors. Thankfully, Android features an efficient battery management program that could enable you to troubleshoot some of your battery life worries.

The first thing you ought to do is head-over to Controls “>> Device Management “>> Battery. Here you can see a listing of services and applications that consume one of the most energy along with a data of the battery usage.

Your monitor should draw the most power during the day, so there might be a pest using the application if you visit a distinct app draining more battery compared to display. Try uninstalling the ability-hungry software to view if your battery life increases.

The following point you certainly can do to maximize your battery life is to disable some of the services Samsung permits automagically like the always-on screen. Head-over to Options “>> Show and disable Always On exhibit.

Another thing you can test is turning your display illumination down and establishing a quicker show timeout. Head-over to Settings “>> Display to turn down your default light and set your screen timeout to 30 seconds or 1 second.

Be sure to examine our 12 Android battery life methods and methods for more tips on protecting your battery.

Galaxy S7 Overheating


There could be some causes your Samsung Galaxy S7 is overheating. If your telephone gets too hot to the touch while it’s charging, it could be because of the builtin rapidly charging technology.

It will heat up the device while fast-charging is fantastic to get just as much juice as possible in a short span of period. If you’re not on the go for battery life, you can eliminate quick charging by visiting Configurations “>> Product Maintenance “>> Battery “>> Advanced Adjustments and turnoff Fast Cable Charging.

In case your phone is warming up even though you’re not charging, there may be an app draining your battery while in the background. You can view if you can find any strength-hungry applications in Controls “>> Unit Maintenance “>> Battery.

You may also boost your applications for the battery life by going to Configurations “>> Product Maintenance “>> Battery “>> Battery Use “>> More “>> Enhance battery application. Choose All Apps, and your cellphone must adjust itself to battery life that is greater.

As a last resource, you can clean the Universe S7 cache partition in recovery function:

– Turn-off your phone.
– Press and hold the Residence and Volume up tips and press and contain the Power switch.
– When you begin to see, the Universe S7 logo releases the Ability button.
– You can release all switches as soon as you start to see the Android logo. Your phone is now within the healing function where you can select Wipe Cache Partition using the Volume up and down switches. Once you have Wipe Cache Partition featured, press the Energy switch to start out the method.

Galaxy S7 Performance


If your Samsung Galaxy S7 is slowing down, certainly a few ways are to speed it back up again. One of the largest reasons for slowdowns is Samsung’s TouchWiz skin, including attributes like Update/Flipboard Briefing. Though it’s pleasant to get a live newsfeed on your home screen constantly, it can use up some processing power.

To disable Flipboard Briefing and hang on any blank area on your property monitor or just make use of the crunch touch. Demand Flipboard Briefing display that is usually found in the far-left. By unchecking the checkbox up top, deselect it, and Flipboard may disappear from your home monitor.

You can also try downloading a third party launcher that gives you more efficiency selections compared to the investment TouchWiz launcher. We like Nova Launcher for energy adjustments and its many customizations.

To produce your telephone feel much faster, the device animations can speedup or disable them altogether. To do this, head over to Options “>> About Product “>> Application data then touch around the Construct Number 7 instances to uncover the designer menu. Back the Controls application, a new alternative is found by you’ll at the bottom termed Builder options. Scroll entirely down to the Drawing area where you’ll observe possibilities to improve the Window, Transition and Animator period scales. Established to “.5x” or “Animation when navigating your phone around off” to save lots of several precious milliseconds.





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