Acer CB280HK review
Acer CB280HK review

Acer CB280HK review: 28″ 4k LCD Monitor

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Acer CB280HK 4K displays would be the way forward by distributors, that are contracting out a growing quantity of displays bringing resolutions above full HD (WQHD, UWQHD) to get a cost premium when compared with traditional 1080p panels.

However, competitiveness ensures that charges have begun to collapse to the stage that we’re now seeing more pixel-packed watches promoting for less than £400 (around US$256, or AUS$841). The cheapest of them is the Acer CB280HK, currently selling at £269 (around US$420, or AUS$566) at Ebuyer, which provided us using the check.

All the first generation 4K monitors – such as the Viewsonic VX2880ML – were not ideal for gambling because their refresh rate was limited by 30Hz – which might explain why prices are decreasing.

The newer-generation of features employ either MST (Multi Stream Transfer) or SST (Single Stream Transport) to increase that refresh costs to 60Hz when combined with DisplayPort. The CB280HK is suited to gamers because of its 60Hz refresh rate one particular check and super fast 1ms response time.

The CB280HK emerged in a large field; it is a 28-inch display all things considered. Building the monitor stand in working order, and obtaining the present required some minutes; the stay bottom and the recent use a simple twist procedure and a mere 4, respectively – the cell to be supported by level click device.

It’s far easier to assemble compared to the VX2880ML, and Acer’s supplying you to one to modify the check peak, turning pivot and tilt, producing it much more flexible than its opponent mentioned above. Oh and there’s a good VESA mount in case you fancy putting it on a wall or the custom stay.

These are the cell; it is a LED- backlit, TN -product using a 4K2K solution; that is 3840 x 2160 pixels or simply under 8.3 million pixels.

Other requirements incorporate 1000: a 1ms gray and one fixed contrast ratio -to- response time that is gray. Connectivity includes an HDMI 1.4 dock, a good DVI one, a Mini DisplayPort 1.2 and a DisplayPort 1.2. In however they’re best utilized as final resort choices, the CB280HK also includes an audio and two speakers.

There’s no Hardware link though which is a shame presented how beneficial these are for Ultrabook people that typically lack these. The check included a and a couple of cables (but no HDMI versions). If you plan to utilize individuals with a laptop, I would recommend getting a DisplayPort or possibly a Mini HDMI cable.

Acer CB280HK review

Performance and verdict

Great viewing angles were created by the Acer and better image quality out-of-the-package than you might assume to get a 4K cell well under £300, but it won’t fit professionals requiring near perfect color accuracy.

Acer claims that it might include just 72% of the NTSC color house using a theoretical color gamut of 1.07 million colors. Our colorimeter discovered that it might not also accomplish that, hitting 69%. It fared better on our test, covering 95% of the color selection.

Screen uniformity was unimpressive, that is to be anticipated on a 4K check with this cost. The biggest change in illumination came from the very best left-hand part of the CB280HK that was located to be 21% deeper compared to the panel’s heart. It’s not a problem during each day use but won’t match professionals’ needs that are larger.

Topping-out at 282 cd/m2 (or units), only short of Acer’s quoted 300cd/m2, the CB280HKis brightness levels were just about right, exhibiting the display is articles plainly without blinding your perspective. Shades are remarkable out of strong blacks that are making the field and rich sounds that “place.”

Colour shades can be changed using two “six-axis” color and saturation choices, but such was the CB280HKis display quality of-of-the-field that changing them was not necessary.

Total, the Acer CB280HK is an amazing 4K monitor for that money. Obviously, there is plenty of place for improvement as it pertains to color precision, but versatile stay, good viewing angles and its adequate apparent brightness and energetic snapshot signify compromises are for your most part several and much between.

Acer CB280HK review


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